Sabotage: Teach Debugging By Stealth

Incredible post from teachcomputing about how to get students to debug by Stealth. Already implemented!

The majority of my work at the moment is supporting ICT teachers who want to introduce and develop Computing within their own curriculum ahead of the changes planned for September 2014. Throughout my work with other teachers, I’ve been sharing some of the pedagogic devices and strategies I’ve been using with the aim of ensuring that their teaching of Computing is engaging and inspiring.

One such game that I’ve developed with my classes I call ‘Sabotage’. I’ve discovered that this can be used in a whole variety of ways, but to help you develop an understanding of it I will attempt to describe just one simple example for you.

The Problem:

I found when I first moved from teaching Scratch (a visual programming language) to Python (a text-based programming language) that children became very frustrated with the high numbers of syntax errors which prevented their scripts from working. This created…

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