Doodlebots @ STEM club.

Inspired by an article at Makezine on scribblebots, we decided to roll our own using some bits at school.

This video shows the bots in action in slow motion, and clearly shows how the eccentric vibration motor allows the bot to move in a circle.   We just used rubber bungs stuck onto the motor to create the offset motor.  We experimented with a range of pens, pencils and markers.  Sharpie style markers worked well with the sugar paper, but if you are tiling smaller sheets of paper, make sure to tape on the underside and make the seams as flat as possible.  The activity was great fun, and produced some crazy generative art, which was my lab wallpaper for a couple of weeks.  Check out the videos: 

Here’s a quick timelapse to show a minute or two’s doodle action from above:


Getting different shapes without using extra componentry.

Flimsy solder tabs on 3V motors are very flimsy and prone to breaking.

Where Next? 

Running this activity in primary school with a whole class build and a massive canvas.

Build a giant drawbot using a larger rumble motor, or longer, more rigid legs.

Make a giant eraser bot that can erase at the same time as the doodlers!


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